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Paslode PPN35i joist hanger nailer

The world's first Gas-Powered Positive Placement Nail Gun for super fast timber construction jobs. Ideal for fixing all pre-drilled joist hangers, truss clips, restraint straps, fixing bands and angle brackets etc without using a hammer.

From the experts in construction fixings and nail gun technology, Paslode have produced a tool that is 3 times faster than hammering and will quickly pay for itself on the job site.

- fires 35mm hardened twisted nails (see accessories below)
- nose piece designed to find fixing holes in work piece at up to 35 degrees.
- 3 times faster than manual hammering
- lightweight 3.9kg, ergonomic and balanced design
- 23 nail capacity magazine
- fuel cell eject mechanism
- gas fuel cells operate problem free from -15C to +49C

Did you know... the NHBC requires every hole in a metal connector plate to be fixed? If the average contractor uses 3000 nails on a job and costs seventeen pounds per hour, this tool can pay for itself in as little as 6 days!

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