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Milwaukee Mitre Saw

The Milwaukee MS 305 DB Sliding Dual Bevel Mitre Saw will appeal to craftsmen and woodworkers alike. It is a tool of real quality with a range of excellent features. The mitre angle digital readout provides repeatable accuracy to 0.1 degrees, making it simple to dial-in precise mitre angles and allows the user to quickly adjust for a non-square environment with single-handed operation.
This sturdy sliding compound mitre saw will cut much wider boards than a non-sliding mitre saw, cutting mitres of up to 60 degrees right and 55 degrees left, with a bevel inclination of 48 degrees left & right, and an adjustable depth of cut for groove cuts. The dual integral light fully illuminates the work piece and cut line from either side of the blade, making it easier for the user to see the blade entering the material.
The Milwaukee MS 305 DB Sliding Dual Bevel Mitre Saw also benefits from the 1800 W direct drive motor's constant power technology, which provides constant speed under load. The 3.200 rpm remain the same both at no load and at cutting load ensuring a quick, clean cut even in hardwood materials.
The heavy duty dual horizontal steel rails with three linear bearings deliver a smooth sliding action in all applications and the exceptional integral dust channel captures up to 75% of dust and debris, by capturing it near the cut on both sides of the blade and directing it to the back of the saw.

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