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Milwaukee M12

The Milwaukee quality is clearly evident in the new robust range of compact M12 tools. This innovative set is powerful, productive and portable. Designed with precision to deliver the power, speed or torque required for professional applications. The range consists of; a 1/4" hex screwdriver, launched last year, a highly compact yet surprisingly powerful 1/4" hex impact driver, a highly innovative compact hackzall reciprocating saw which promises to complete 75% of the tasks expected of a machine twice its size, and a fantastic problem solving digital inspection camera, which reaches the parts other tools cannot. All the M12 tools are powered by 12V Lithium-Ion batteries which weigh less yet offer longer running time and greater durability. They are more environmentally friendly than traditional NiCd chemistries and feature a fuel gauge which displays the remaining battery state which avoids the problem of batteries failing without warning.

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